1 secret to winning at the casino. Tips Professional ur

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Description 1 secret to winning at the casino. Tips Professional ur

Dear friends! Drawing on a wealth of experience the player I wanted to share with you the secrets of winning at the casino, diagrams winning strategies that successfully use myself. This applies to an online casino and a real casino. I also bring a number of techniques that will allow you, using the lack of trained personnel and a casino dealer in the post did not risking achieve win anyway. The above methods are not related to fraud at the casino, for which you can at best get into the "black list casino" are my own and know-how.

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At the moment I'm working on the book "The Secret win at the casino. TIPS professional player." The book will consist of 2 parts: 1. "The Council of professional players" and 2. "CASINO EYES Krupa." The first part will set out a method of practicing a win-win game in the casino, in the second part will be told about the methods of preparation of the dealer, about the subtleties and nuances, which, of course, does not hurt to know any player. For this, I drew in collaborators dealer with 10 years experience. All buyers "SECRET win at the casino. Professional Tips" in the period from 01.28.13 on 05.05.13 in the future be able to buy this book with 50% discount.

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