An analysis of the factors influencing consumer behavior

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Description An analysis of the factors influencing consumer behavior


1. customers: their needs and behavior

1.1 Consumers, their classification and characterization of

1.1 Needs and consumer behavior

2. Factors influencing consumer behavior

2.1 Cultural Factors

2.2 Social factors

2.3 Personal factors

2.4 Psychological factors





Attention to the customer in every respect, understanding all the nuances of his desires and moods - the basic principle of the company, working for the future. Such attention to consumers turns reorder germination range of loyal customers, and the best form of advertising - advertising by word of mouth, from one consumer to another. To pay for such advertising is already obsolete.

In the modern world the role of the mass consumer is very large. Note that in the conventional command and its economy negligible role, but in a market economy it is oriented production of goods. Consumer behavior involves understanding yourself and your own needs and interests, and the option of buying and bargaining, and the use of purchased, and repetition of this cycle as applied to different products at different times.

Consumer behavior studies centers and the metabolic processes involved in the acquisition, consumption and disposal of goods. Substantial bases of consumer behavior make the process of decision-making by consumers and the factors determining it. Consumer behavior affect the internal and external factors influence.

There are many factors that influence consumer behavior. Many of them can not be controlled by the marketers, however, knowing them, you can better understand consumer behavior and reactions.

The purpose of this course work is to study and analyze the factors influencing consumer behavior.

Year: 2011

Volume: 37 p.

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