Analysis of financial-economic activity

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Description Analysis of financial-economic activity

Problem 1. Calculate the amount of working capital and make a factor analysis of its dynamics.

The data for the calculation.

Table 1

Analysis of the presence and movements of working capital business entity

Authorized capital 90000 90000

Reserve capital 1500 1600

Accumulation Fund 2000 2800

Retained profit for the year - 500

Total sources of own funds


Intangible assets (net book value) 300 250

Fixed assets (net book value) 75,000 75,400

Total excluded

Working capital

Determine the impact of changes in the amount of working capital the following factors:

1. The values \u200b\u200bof the back of the share capital.

2. The amount of funds allocated to reserve capital.

3. The amount of funds allocated to the accumulation fund.

4. Retained profit of the reporting year.

Objective 2. To analyze the state of inventory of the enterprise.

The data for the calculation.

As of 01/01/99, the stock companies are the remains of wealth:

softwood sawlog - 1000m3

hardwood logs - 200 m3

sawn softwood (untrimmed) - 300 m3

sawn hardwood (untrimmed) - 20 m3

On 1 m3 uncut softwood lumber require 1.45 m3 of softwood sawlogs. On 1 m3 of sawn hardwood edging requires 1.52 m3 of hardwood logs.

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