Analysis of financial stability

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Description Analysis of financial stability

Discipline: analysis of financial and economic activity

R & D: The analysis of financial stability

Exposure of work


1.Ponyatie and nature of financial stability

2.Informatsionnaya framework for the analysis of financial stability

2.1 The main sources of information for the analysis of financial stability

2.2 The financial statements as the main source of information for analysis

3. System of indicators for the analysis of financial stability

3.1 Absolute indicators of financial stability

3.2 Relative financial stability




Highlighting the financial aspects of the business entities, the increasing role of finance - the typical trend for all countries.

Financial companies characterized by a system of indicators that reflect the status of capital in the process of circulation and the ability of a business entity to finance its activities at a fixed time. The most important of these indicators are the indicators of financial stability.


The purpose of this course work speaks about the study analyzes financial stability.

The objectives of the course work were:

- The study of the concept and scope of financial stability;

- Review the information base for the analysis of financial stability;

- The study of a system of indicators for the analysis of financial stability.

The object of the course work is financial stability of the enterprise.

The subject of the course work in favor of financial stability analysis of the company.

Year: 2012

Volume: 21 p.

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