Chernobog temples - the secrets of the underground Perm

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Description Chernobog temples - the secrets of the underground Perm

Every city has its Mystery. City without it losing its identity and the attractiveness of the night - is the core, the loss of which the city is dying. In Perm, the city is not the Kama River, with a population of polutoramilionnym, the birthplace of Zoroaster and the mythical Golden Baba, Perm abnormal zone IPB and disappeared in the forest Chud people, too, have their own secret. Founded 280 years ago, Perm was built on the site of the Old Slavonic pagan shrines and temples, absorbing their spirit and consciously or unconsciously determining the identity of Perm. Under the sidewalks, restaurants, cultural centers, apartment buildings, public gardens at a depth of several tens of meters spread over a network of ancient pagan moves. Keeping the spirit of the three hundred years ago, they remain unknown and unattainable, only a few dedicated know the hidden passages, on which you can get to the sacred site of Ancient Rus. Mystery Perm - lost knowledge about the past of the city, hidden deep under the ground and rolled asphalt ...

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