Conflict - 10 questions

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Description Conflict - 10 questions

Question 1. What is the main characteristic of the conflict?

Question 2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of different styles of behavior of the person in the conflict? Give examples.

Question 3. What are the features of the behavior of the conflicting need to be considered when using interpersonal conflict resolution?

Question 4: What are the main methods and techniques of conflict prevention?

Question 5. What are the main styles of behavior in conflict situations?

Question 6: What determines the choice of a particular style of behavior in the conflict?

Question 7: What is the efficiency of solving the problem in choosing a particular style of conflict resolution?

Question 8. Describe the styles of behavior management situations:

a) appropriate use of style;

b) to prevent conflicts;

c) resolving the conflict.

Q9: Identify the features of behavioral reactions to the conflict holders of a certain style of thinking: synthesizer, an idealist, pragmatist, analyst realist. How, in your opinion, can be overcome stereotypes of behavior conflicting personalities?

Question 10. Describe known to you the principles of communication with "difficult" people?

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