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The "Control jobs - Askiz" is designed to create jobs and employees to follow-up implementation. The program greatly facilitates the work of the head. Application of the program increases performance discipline employees.

We have developed a program of job has a number of undoubted advantages, which will be highly appreciated by users.

• Ease of use. Simple and intuitive interface allows you to master the program control tasks just 10 minutes.

• Functionality. The developers of the program management tasks provided virtually all actions that may need to occur during the execution of the task. An illustrative list of tasks allows you to monitor the process of implementation and correct it.

• Flexibility. The head has the ability to actively cooperate with any employee, in writing, to give a detailed explanation regarding the job, as well as make additions and clarifications. In addition, any task can be reassigned to another performer.

• Access rights, the system of reminders of overdue tasks - that additional functionality Askiz program.

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