CS: GO - Random Covert + GIFT

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Description CS: GO - Random Covert + GIFT

📌 WARNING! Things usually come in 2-4 hours, but the delivery process can take up to 11 days.
📌 Make sure that you have Steam Guard turned on more than 7 days ago! And also that you have an inventory!

For purchase, indicate the price of the item (the more you pay, the better you get the item) and pay, after payment, specify in the special form your link for exchange

How to find a link for sharing?
1.1 Go to the Inventory;
1.2 Click on the Exchange offers (blue button on the right-from-top);
1.3 Click on Who can send me an exchange proposal? (on the right in the column)
1.4 Scroll down and there you will see a link

(2nd way to find the link)
2.1 Follow the link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/roberkeys/tradeoffers/privacy/;
2.2. Enter the Steam login and password;
2.3 Scroll down and there you will see a link.

Additional information

📌 Valve introduced a restriction on the transfer of objects CS: GO. Now after transferring the subject to it for 7 days, there is a restriction on the transfer.
Our bots will be able to deliver items to you in 7 days
📌 By purchasing this product you consent to these rules!
📌 Also, if you have any difficulties with your purchase, we are always happy to help you!
We always find a way out from any situation, so a big request if there is a problem please contact the seller. Hope for your understanding!
📌In order to receive the item, please make sure that Steam Guard is turned on and inventory is open!
📌Product is not refundable!
📌A gift is given for a review!


🔥CS: GO - Random AWP + GIFT - https://www.zaplaty.ru/itm/cs-go-random-awp/2126847
🔥CS: GO - Random Knife + GIFT - https://www.zaplaty.ru/itm/cs-go-random-knife-podarok/2126855
🔥CS: GO - Random M4A1-S / 4 + GIFT - https://www.zaplaty.ru/itm/cs-go-random-m4a1-s-4-podarok/2127426
🔥CS: GO - Random Stattrak + GIFT - https://www.zaplaty.ru/itm/cs-go-random-stattrak-podarok/2127430
🔥CS: GO - Random AK-47 + GIFT - https://www.zaplaty.ru/itm/cs-go-random-ak-47-podarok/2127439
🔥CS: GO - Random Army + GIFT - https://www.zaplaty.ru/itm/cs-go-random-armejskoe-podarok/2127442
🔥CS: GO - Random Prohibited + GIFT - https://www.zaplaty.ru/itm/cs-go-random-zapreshhennoe-podarok/2127695
🔥CS: GO - Random Coded + GIFT - https://www.zaplaty.ru/itm/cs-go-random-zasekrechennoe-podarok/2126859
🔥CS: GO - Random Item + GIFT - https://www.zaplaty.ru/itm/cs-go-random-predmet-podarok/2177614
🔥CS: GO - Random Secret + GIFT - https://www.zaplaty.ru/itm/cs-go-random-tajnoe-podarok/2126862

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  • Идально
  • Хороший продавец, рекомендую
  • Все пришло довольно быстро, скин хороший, рекомендую.
  • Всё отлично, продавец не обманул. Окупился где-то на 150+ рублей. Рекомендую.
  • Ждал сутки, но всё пришло.
  • Все пришло.Все хорошо,покупаю уже второй раз
  • Спасибо за Глок дух воды)
  • Всё пришло! Ждал не так долго! Получил M4A4 | Пустынная атака! Отличный товар! Окупил несколько рублей!))))
  • Выпал фамас за 4$, доставка за 1час, в основном покупкой доволен, спасибо.
  • реально окупается, советую брать