D.Menzel. About UFOs

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Description D.Menzel. About UFOs

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The unusual celestial phenomena at all times boggle the imagination of superstitious people. On solar eclipses and comets were associated with the most extraordinary beliefs. Shortly after the Second World War there was a new outbreak of superstition; This time, instead of devils and demons were "aliens from outer space." Now, the reason served as flying objects that

observed over the United States and which was attributed to extraterrestrial origin. These mysterious objects, which supposedly flew beings from other planets are called "flying saucers" or "saucers."

Starting in the US, the hype around the "bowl" has spread to other countries. In 1960, Australia began to go even a special magazine "review of Australian flying saucers" whose pages are filled with fantastic ideas. In creating the atmosphere of sensation around the "bowl" and participated unscrupulous people obviously extremely complex questions.

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