Destiny 2 - Emblem "Anno Panthera Tigris"

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Description Destiny 2 - Emblem "Anno Panthera Tigris"

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Immediately after payment, you will receive an in-game code to receive the "Anno Panthera Tigris" Emblem in Destiny 2.
The code is suitable for activation in any country.
The code can be redeemed on PC, Xbox, PS4, Switch and Android.

Additional information

1. Visit and log into your account.
2. Enter your 9-digit code and click the "ENTER" button.
3. Follow the instructions on the website after your code is verified to pick up your item in-game.
4. Input the code exactly as it is written (with hyphens) and enjoy.
5. Note: Offer redeemable on PC, Xbox, PS4

Feedbacks of illuminatus

  • code worked fine thanks!
  • Я думал что меня обману ну уж очень привлекательная цена другие за эту эмбему просят по 200₽ а тут всего 14 . Но оказалась не обманули и без подводных камней . Рекомендуется