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After payment, you will receive a promo code giving a 100% discount for activating access to 1 topic on the resource

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EGround is an educational platform with more than 70,000 useful information products on various topics, including business, marketing, income schemes, psychology, investments, SEO, and much more!

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In order to activate the promo code, you must:
1. Log in to the website.
2. Go to your personal account, to the section of elevation of rights:
3. Enter the promo code in the input field.
4. Activate access to 1 topic using a 100% discount.
5. A link to the material will be issued in an automatically created personal correspondence on the forum, by the administrator, within 24 hours from the moment of activation of the promotional code.

More details:

Additional information

- To purchase a promo code, you must enter your name on the forum to assign the code to your account.
- It is also important to indicate the correct name of the topic, as it is indicated on the forum you want to access.
- After application, the promo code becomes invalid.

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