ELEX (steam cd-key RU,CIS)

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Description ELEX (steam cd-key RU,CIS)

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For regular customers are cumulative discounts up to 10%

Dear customers, we kindly ask you to carefully read the following information before making a purchase:

* the presence of goods in the store;
* compliance with the characteristics of your PC with the minimum system requirements of the game;
* payment features, activation method and key activation region

You acquire a licensed product. We guarantee the performance of the key to 100%. If you still have a problem with the activation of the product, please contact the seller first and wait for an answer. We will answer you as soon as possible and solve your problem. When contacting, please prepare the following information:
1. Video recording, from the moment of purchase until the activation of the key (inclusive).
2. Screenshots of attempts to activate the key and screenshots of the list of games on your account (purchased goods should not be present in the list of games of your library)
3. Other information confirming the impossibility of product activation

Additional information

* Fully seamless open world. Explore it, without being distracted by the boundaries and loading screens.

* Move vertically. Use the jet pack to reach any point of interest to you.

* The living world reacts to your actions, completely immersed in the atmosphere of the game.

* A system of related tasks where the choice made by the player really matters.

* Tactical combat system for exciting battles near and at a distance.

* Post-apocalyptic sci-fi universe, which incorporates the best elements of two genres.

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