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🕹️ By purchasing this product, you will instantly receive a UPLAY licensed account with the game FAR CRY PRIMAL When purchasing a product you receive:
✅ Licensed game account UPLAY.
✅ Instant delivery of goods immediately after payment.
✅ Login data to the UPLAY client in the form - Login: Password.
✅ Lifetime Warranty. In case of problems with the account, you will receive a new product in return.
✅ The language in the game is English and others (the availability of the Russian language is not guaranteed)
😊 Quick support. If you have any questions, you can ask them to us in the "Correspondence with the seller" section or in the chat.

* There is no possibility to change mail, password, etc.
📌 Description:

The new Far Cry series game will take you to where the struggle for survival becomes more intense than ever. Among the picturesque open spaces of an open world inhabited by amazing fauna, anything can happen to you. Get ready for the unexpected!

You will find yourself in the Stone Age, which means - in mortal danger. The land belongs completely to mammoths and saber-toothed tigers, and man is somewhere at the beginning of the food chain. You are the last survivor of the hunter group. You have to make deadly weapons, defend yourself against wild animals, fight hostile tribes for territory and prove that you are not a prey, but a predator.

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