Golden Draca Maw

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Description Golden Draca Maw

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How long will I receive my order?
Your order will be delivered to you in 30 days. These products are transferred as gifts, and unfortunately, there is a restriction on sending gifts to Dota2, which allows giving them no earlier than 30 days after they are added as friends. Small delays are also possible, due to the fact that only 7 gifts can be sent per day.
Can I somehow add your inventory in advance?
Yes, it is possible to do this, contact the seller of this product and you will be added as a friend.

Additional information

Hero: Huskar
Rarity: Immortal
Quality: Standard
Slot: Weapon
When Huskar first heard of the "indestructible" dragon eels that dwell in the magma rivers of Krulzar, he did not attach any importance to this, and only in fiery visions did he see the true power of these eels.

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