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Edition type: Steam key
Region: Region Free / Global (whole world)
Game language: English
Release date: May 21, 2002
Platform: Windows
Activation: Steam

The game takes place in the early 2000s in the city of Liberty City. This city has long been divided into spheres of influence by several mafia groups, between which bloody skirmishes occur every now and then. It so happened that during the raid on the bank of the main character of the game, a mercenary of one of the gangs, they betrayed, only by a miracle did he manage to stay alive. Now he has only one goal - to take revenge on his enemies, until this terrible city broke him completely. The local bosses need his services, the sales cops need his help, and the street gangs need his body. To survive here, you have to take any risk.

• A huge, detailed game world - the metropolis of Liberty City, in which something constantly happens regardless of the player’s actions
• Various weapons, including baseball bat, machine guns, machine guns, sniper rifle, flamethrower, grenades, incendiary bottles
• Several dozen types of vehicles that can be controlled: cars, boats, boats and even aircraft
• A large number of diverse tasks and professions in which the main character can try himself
• Great musical accompaniment - a few hours of music on nine radio stations

Activation Instructions:
1. Download and install the Steam client - (if not already installed)
2. Run it. Create a new account or go to an existing one.
3. Select the "Games" section, then "Activate on Steam ..."
4. Enter your purchased activation key. After that, the game will appear in the library and it can be installed

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