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HOW TO SURVIVE IN PRISON - a book on how to behave and what to do, so if you got there. As well as many other of the prison manners and way of life. It is worth what to buy.

About the Author:

Life of Andrei Kudin so rich and bright extraordinary events, it is more like the plot of a detective novel than the fate of the real person. In the biography of the writer intricately intertwined fascinating journey in little-known corners of the planet, the dizzying success and merciless blows of fortune. The amazing ability to get out of the vortex of adversity even stronger than before, rightfully cemented his reputation as a strong-willed and courageous man.

Andrew V. Kudin born August 23, 1965 in Kiev. Early in less than four years, I learned to read. In school, free time devoted to reading and sports, preferring boxing and sambo, and later (fourteen) plunged into the study of martial arts techniques. Passion religious philosophies of the East has identified a further range of the writer - at seventeen Andrei Kudin goes to the philosophical faculty of the Kyiv Taras Shevchenko University. At eighteen, he urged the Armed Forces of the USSR, and the next two years occur in the North Caucasus Military District.

"I'm alright. For me not to worry, "- says Andrew army in letters to relatives. However, in reality everything was not nearly as rosy as on paper. Even then, in the mid-eighties, in the community clearly manifested processes that led a few years later to the collapse of the Soviet Union and the military actions in the Caucasus. From the North Caucasus Military District, where he served as Andrei Kudin, many returned home ahead of time, in sealed zinc coffins.

In the army, the writer has gone from private to sergeant-major company. Returning after demobilization for university, Andrei Kudin devoted himself entirely to the study of the history of the religious teachings of the East. In 1989 he defended his thesis brilliantly, and then (in 1995) thesis work. Within the walls of the university disciplines, along with the Faculty of Philosophy Andrew enthusiastically studying economics and physiology of higher nervous activity. After graduation, while working as a teacher at the Department of Philosophy of the National Pedagogical University. MPDragomanov. However, the prospect of becoming a scientist in the cabinet, had spent all his life in the same walls, it does not appeal to twenty-five guy, and he says without regret, resignation.

Earlier Andrei Kudin, together with like-minded people created a sports school WU SHU - Chinese martial arts, during those years the best in Ukraine. His students successfully take part in competitions, become champions and winners of the USSR Junior Championship (Turkmenistan, 1990) In an effort to achieve excellence in the Chinese WU SHU, Andrew completes biennial State foreign language courses (Department of Chinese Language) and sent to learn martial arts in China, persistently coached by famous masters of the East in Beijing, at the Academy of Martial Arts at the Shaolin monastery, and later - in the south of China.

Ukraine Andrei Kudin returns known and mature master, a senior lecturer at the Department of struggle in Ukrainian State University of Physical Education and Sport, says an article published (in collaboration) of the book "Engineering school san yes" and "Claws Falcon", highlighting various aspects of Chinese Martial Arts.

Created with department of Chinese WU SHU and prepare a replacement, Andrey Kudin goes into scientific work, publishes a monograph on the philosophy, wrote the screenplay "The Black Suit", lets out a collection of poems. Perhaps, from this moment comes the most turbulent and eventful period in the life of the writer.

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About the Author (continued):

Attention Andrew Kudina again focused on South-East Asia. It can be found in the ancient monasteries of China, Malaysia, Thailand ... Andrew carefully preparing an expedition deep into Tibet from India and Nepal, but suddenly postponed it for an indefinite period and went to Africa, and the Middle East. Visits ancient shrines Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, while living in Greece, on the shores of the Gulf of Corinth.

Despite the fact that much of the time takes place outside the country, the writer's life is closely connected with Ukraine. The work in commercial structures allows him to feel financially independent and allows to finance research projects and travel.

It is not surprising that this extraordinary man has always been not only many friends and supporters, but also envious and detractors. Andrei Kudin often tried to slander, and in September 1997, based on a dirty denunciation him thrown in jail. The newspapers, picked up a sensation, excitedly accused Andrei Kudin in "banditry and organizing contract killings" on television news announced that the fate of the writer resolved, and he sat on death row, waiting for death.

The absurdity of the accusations was obvious. Bribed law enforcement officials so hurry to fabricate a criminal case, he did not even bother to ask - was there Andrew at that time in the country or not. But this was enough to open the passport and see the level of customs. Obviously, the police relied on the fact that the writer, fearing abuse and torture immediately write dictation, the so-called "confession". However, Andrei Kudin refused to slander himself and his friends, and all the questions he had one answer - contempt and silence.

All charges crumbled like a house of cards. Andrew comes to freedom, but the time spent in the dungeons, could not but affect the health. During one of the interrogations handcuffed writer was severely beaten, and only the most complex operation carried out later in the Institute of Neurosurgery, saved the life of Andrei Kudin.

Many people discover that they are now disabled the second group, and they will for many months, and perhaps years, to take place in a hospital room, probably would have drooped and resigned to fate. Writer and proudly stood the test. "Whatever happens, whatever had the map, we can not lose his presence of mind," - says Andrei Kudin in the book "How to survive in jail." He has been working hard on a daily basis on the many hours spent in the gym and after a year and a half after the operation returns to the active life.

World Andrei Kudin - a world of strong and beautiful people for whom "... the words love and hate is not just words, but the meaning of the rest of life." Wherever and in whatever circumstances not was a man, he always remains above all a man, towering above the mud of the earth's vanity. According to Andrei Kudin, everyone originally created perfect. With the freedom to choose, each of us can grow to infinity as the and degenerate into self-destruction.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, many believed that now, the long-awaited "bright future". However, the illusion and remained an illusion, and instead came even more difficult times. For many contemporary authors the world seems no more than a dark, dungeon prison in which everything is bad, and from which there is no escape.

Andrei Kudin approach fundamentally different. His books are cleansing and give hope - everyone can adequately pass predestined path, no matter how difficult it may be.

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