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Managers at various levels, employees of departments of human resources management.

The objectives of the book:

To help managers clearly manage subordinates, and employees of the Department of Management

human resources in the organization of work.

Course content:

1. Introduction

2 Plan positions and job descriptions

3 Organizational Structure. The power and unity of command

4 Recruiting and hiring

5 workers' rights and obligations of the employer

6 An employment contract. Private business employee

7 Adaptation and orientation of a new employee

8 Building a career

9 Socialization

10 for performance measurement and certification

11 Intellectual property

12 Motivation. Compensation, wages and emoluments

13 Employee Development. Training and staff training

14 Discipline and work with complaints

15 Personnel policy

16 Dismissal

17 Features of the application of modern technologies of personnel in Kazakhstan

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