Imperial Glory (Steam Key/Region Free)

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Description Imperial Glory (Steam Key/Region Free)

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Here you can buy the key Imperial Glory at a bargain price. After purchase, you will immediately receive a key, after activating which you will add Imperial Glory to the steam library.

You can activate the game in any region.

Description Imperial Glory:
It is a time of war in Europe. Driven by new ideas of Enlightenment, the hearts of men and women across the continent are inflamed with dreams of freedom and glory. Antagonism between the Empires is at an all time high and war seems inevitable. Millions of men prepare for battle, while the finest strategists draw up their plans for the domination of Europe. This is the moment for a military genius to forge himself a name to be remembered throughout all eternity. This is your moment.

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Additional information

Key activation instructions:
1. After purchase, you receive a unique key that you need to copy and enter into the Steam client.
2. Opens steam. We are looking for the button "Add game" in the lower left corner, then click on "Activate in steam"
3. In the appeared window, insert the format key - HHHHH-HHHHH-HHHHH
4. After activation, the game will appear in your library.

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