Итоговый экзамен Экономическая теория RF-151-09-00

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Description Итоговый экзамен Экономическая теория RF-151-09-00


Answers on questions

1. Which of the following statements reflect the views of Thomas Hobbes?

a) the basis for delimitation the actual depth and character of the property is a recognized concept of "need", in relation to the value of which is determined for people of various physical and spiritual objects;

b) the average person is concerned, how would it kill time; also seeks talented people to use it;

c) people are so concerned about self-preservation and personal needs that only force (or the threat of its application) can cause them to refrain from constant attacks on each other;

d) the needs of a higher order can not occur until satisfied lower; meet all the needs of man leads to the top of the pyramid - the full self-realization.

2. What book published by Adam Smith in 1776?

a) "The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money";

b) "The Wealth of Nations";

c) "The quantity theory of money"

d) "The link between unemployment and the rate of change in money wages in the United Kingdom for the period 1 861-1 957 years.".

3. What are the substitutes?

a) substitutes;

b) branches;

c) good;

d) fee.


In total 60 questions.


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