Jacques ValleZh. Valle. Parallel World

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Description Jacques ValleZh. Valle. Parallel World

The book "Parallel World" - the result of the work of Valle spent over two and a half decades. It was preceded by a series of publications by readers from different countries met with great interest, as evidenced by a total circulation of these publications, more than one million copies. Proof of the popularity of Jacques Vallee is that the famous American film director Steven Spielberg, he became the prototype of one of the protagonists of his sensational late 70s sci-fi movie "Close Encounters of the third type." Scientists trying to unravel the mystery of the UFO "played another famous film director - Frenchman Francois Truffaut.

Dr. Jacques Vallee, a member of the American Mathematical Society, the author of several books on computer science with an interest in UFOs, while still a young man. Received two university degrees (in mathematics and astrophysics), he went to work at the Paris Observatory, and has held a number of observations are strange objects, which are driven by an interest in them to this day. After a year at the observatory, Valle in 1962 moved to the United States, where he continued to improve in the field of informatics. Cooperation with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration led him to the creation of computer maps of Mars for flights by American interplanetary station "Mariner" to the red planet. In 1963, he settled in Chicago and four years later received a Northwestern University for a doctorate in the field of artificial intelligence.

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