Kamo ridge?

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Description Kamo ridge?

80s of the last century. Machine Tool Plant.

A graduate of the Polytechnic Institute works as a shift master.

At work sturm, the wife leaves, the family collapses.

Which problem to solve?

Using the technological value of "the rate of time for a mechanical operation," he tries to calculate the workload of the teams of his area. The result is striking - in this composition, for the legalized working time, the brigade is not able to fulfill the monthly plan. Hence, the master concludes, the workers are mercilessly exploited. Fearing mistakes, he shows his calculations to specialists. But no one cares - as it happened, let it be. The results of his calculations becomes known foremen. Workers quit their jobs and demand that the plant management negotiate. For unrest in the shop and violations of labor discipline, the head of the department and the foreman of the site were dismissed. The young specialist cannot be dismissed, but transferred to another place where he is forced to work only on the night shift.

On the night shift, no one works - maps, booze and chatter. On assaults wizard - a threat. From conflict with the consequences saves a new appointment.

Theft thrives here. Again assaults, again threats and persuasion.

New workshop and new conflict. The young engineer, now in the position of senior technologist, is forced to sign a document on the handing over of the lot to the customer, which is in doubt.

New job and again problems ...

Kamo ridge? - Question of the country - where will you come with such production?

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