Macro for AK47 and M4A4 CS:GO ProMacro 2022

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Description Macro for AK47 and M4A4 CS:GO ProMacro 2022

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Macro for Weapons AK47 and M4A4.

This macro is only suitable for A4Tech mouse: Bloody / X7.
Before buying, please make sure you know how to install macros.

Full repayment of returns, all 30 bullets fall in one point (watch video)

The macro is not detected by the anti-cheat, since it is not embedded in the game processes, but is located in the mouse.

A ban can only arrive if you play carelessly, and the demo will show that a macro is being used.

Not refundable.

Additional information

Required settings in the game:

Mouse sensitivity: 2.5

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