Marketing Questions Answers

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Description Marketing Questions Answers

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. The concept of marketing research.
Approaches to the definition of marketing research. Definition of a marketing research system.
Goals of marketing research.
Tasks of marketing research.
Desk research, advantages and disadvantages. Field research, advantages and disadvantages.
Stages of marketing research.
Qualitative and quantitative marketing research.
10. Differences in qualitative and quantitative research.
11. Typical areas of marketing research.
12.Objects of marketing research.
13. Objectives of marketing research.
14. Definition of the purpose of marketing research.
15. Determination of the consumer market.
16. Determination of the market of public institutions and the market of resale.
17. Determination of market segmentation.
18. The essence of the potential and affordable market.
19. Distinctions of the developed market and the qualified available market.
20. The essence and differences of the seller’s market and the buyer’s market.
21. The concept of market segment and market niche.
22. The essence of behavioral segmentation.
23. Differences psychographic and socio-economic segmentation.
24. Criteria for the segmentation of the market of products for industrial purposes.
25. Selection of target markets.
26. The concept and essence of a differentiated and undifferentiated marketing strategy.
27. Criteria for choosing marketing strategies.
28. Determination of a concentrated marketing strategy.
29. Determination of marketing information and information resources.
30. The structure of marketing information.
31. Principles of marketing information.
32.Marketing information system.
33.Marketing information on the basis of urgency.
34.Marketing information at the place of collection.
35. Kinds of marketing information.
36. Classification of information for its intended purpose.
37. Classification of information on the type of media.
38.Methods of marketing research.
39. Observation and its forms.
40. The concept of the survey and its classification.
41. Basic survey types.
42.Typology of panels.
43.Types of statistical analysis.
44. Subject, object and types of marketing analysis.
45. Purpose of marketing analysis.
The concept of the market and market situation.
Definition of conjuncture and cyclicity.
Indicators characterizing market conditions.
Directions of opportunistic market changes
50. Market indicators and informal market assessments.

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