Methods of compensation of employees

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Description Methods of compensation of employees

Methods reward employees for taking part in the production of



1.1 Main theories of motivation

1.2 The concept and process of motivation

1.3 Basic principles of motivation


2.1 The essence and purpose of stimulating labor

2.2 Wages as the main form of remuneration

2.3 Employee participation in profits

2.4 Social programs and non-traditional forms of remuneration

2.5 Ways of improving the system of remuneration for employees involved in the production





In modern conditions for Russian enterprises are largely lost the incentive to work, to form a human sense of inner satisfaction (of interest to the process of labor involvement in common cause).

This is reflected in the efficiency of the personnel, and as a consequence, the results of activity of the whole enterprise, the degree of its competitiveness.

In times of crisis it is now the problem of increasing the efficiency of enterprises, increasing their competitiveness to the forefront, therefore, to the fore should leave the problem of rational compensation of employees for participation in the production, which would encourage them to increase the impact of its activities.

Man - the main productive force of society. Means of production by themselves have no value and can not provide any economic effect.

Work plays a crucial role in the implementation and development of human society and each of its members. Thanks to the work of thousands of generations of people have accumulated enormous potential of the productive forces, a huge social wealth. Further progress of human society is impossible without the development of production and labor.

Additional information

Directly from the labor process is the question of compensation for him. Currently, it changes significantly the policy of wage, social support and protection of employees. Many of the functions of the state to implement this policy assigned directly to the organizations that set their own forms, systems and amount of remuneration, the material and non-material stimulation of its results.

Thus, the theme of the course work is currently very topical.

Subject of research - methods of compensation of employees. Object - the processes of stimulation and motivation of staff, as the methods of remuneration for participation in the production.

The purpose of this course work serves the study of basic methods of remuneration for workers involved in production.

Due to the fact that the process of remuneration are incentives and motivation of the staff of the enterprise, in order to achieve this goal it is necessary to solve the following problems:

- The study of the essence, the basic theories and principles of motivation of personnel of the company;

- Consideration of the essence and the main types of incentives as a reward employees for taking part in the production.

The theoretical basis of the work served as academic and research works of foreign and domestic scientists in the field of personnel management.

The structure of the work consists of an introduction, which includes relevance, purpose, objectives, object, object, study, two main sections, conclusion and list of references.

Year: 2012

Volume: 44 p.

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