Moscow prostitutes

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Description Moscow prostitutes

Moscow prostitutes - a great book about life, manners and customs of the underground business.

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Edward Maksimovskiy - the most well-known journalist and economist in the Soviet Union the second half of the 80's - early 90's. At the same time was a consultant on the new economic forms of the Council of Ministers. He organized and registered first in the USSR stock agribusiness company led by local government. Four of higher education, including two science in economics and philosophy, literary, legal. Author and about a hundred books on small businesses, local government, legal security of the population, the economy of Siberia and the Far North, the Far East, Central Asia, the fuel and energy complex. Journalists. Leading themes: macroeconomic analysis of the Russian Federation, geopolitical problems of Russia in Central Asia. oil and gas, the Arctic. Elected professor of two European universities.

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