Name tale "Teremok"


Santa Claus takes out your child’s name book with a photo! ⠀ 📌 Handled by name ⠀ What if ?! ‼ ️Our child already knows the tales of Kolobok, Teremok, Bast hut? And what is going on there? ⠀ 🎄 In our fairy tales, Santa Claus reads the same tales in poetic form ... ⠀ ⭐️ But! The finale of the tale will be unexpected for you! ⠀ 📖Thus, for example, they didn’t eat the bun, Lysa was kicked out, and Teremok was completely built. For all. ⠀ 💥 The most magical thing about this version is that Santa Claus is showing a book, and there ... Oh, a miracle! Our child! ⠀‼ ️ This is exactly how children are surprised when they see themselves on it. ⠀ ⭐️ The fairy tale ends with useful moral from grandfather and parting words.

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