No mind, no conscience, no honor

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Description No mind, no conscience, no honor

District Party. Second floor. Our instructor's office. From the end of the corridor comes the voice of Demina. And here she is in a white coat, like a ghost. Eyes sewn large rough stitches, arms stretched, like Natalia Varley in the movie "Wii." She walked beside me. “Where are you, Anatoly? Answer me - I feel you. ”

Icy fear grabbed the heart. I backed away into the office and pressed against the wall between the tables.

“To me, ghouls!” Shouts Demina. - “To me, ghouls!” The corridor is filled with the staff of the apparatus - they wriggle and dance around Lyudmila Alexandrovna, and their eyes are sewn up in the same way.

She shouts again: “Call Alexander Maksimovich!”

The second secretary and eccentrics, supporting him by the elbows, enter Pashkov’s office. The visionary of the district eyes are closed, but not protected - I already know what will happen next.

Pashkov opens his eyes, points his finger at me: "Here he is, grab him!"

I defend myself against the wall, but I cannot stand against all. I was knocked down - beaten and trampled, torn to pieces. And to break ...

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