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Objective 1

Does the position of the person concerned at the decision of the following questions arising in the process of notarial acts:

1) the number of copies of documents that set out the content of the transaction to be notarized.

2) on giving orders to another notary public to take measures to protect inherited property when the property is not inherited in the place of opening the inheritance.

3) about whether a certificate of inheritance issued to all heirs together or each separately.

4) on the term deposits notarial acts.

5) about whether the adoption of the documents deposited with no inventory.

6) on the return of monies and securities of a person who has made them a deposit.

Task 2

Indicate the cases in which a notary must bear responsibility, determine its form:

1) A notary admitted divulging notarial acts.

2) Check the deal drafted by a notary public under the terms of the provision of paid legal services, as evidenced by an entry in the register and the amount to be received from the client, and this transaction is recognized as invalid court.

3) the notary has lost the deposit of documents.

4) the notary has made the executive inscription in violation of the terms of the transaction, and the funds collected on the writ of execution can not be recovered back.

5) the notary has been providing mediation services in concluding contracts.

6) the notary is not explained to the parties the meaning and significance of the project submitted by the transaction and did not check that the content of the transaction the real intentions of the parties and the requirements of the law.

7) when checking compliance with the rules of the notarial documentation established that careless storage of forms, stamps, entailing their loss.

8) the notary notarial act committed outside their notarial district.

Objective 3

ST Tagantsev He bequeathed he owns a house, located at the address: Ekaterinburg Street. Aksakov d.11 son Tagantsev KS and three nephews (Tagantsev DN, VN and Tagantsev Tagantsev TN) in equal shares to each. Other legal heirs of the testator at were not available. The son of the testator at the time of his father's death was an invalid of Group 1.

Determine the size of the share attributable to the son of the deceased under the law, given that it infringed the rights of compulsory heir testament because he bequeathed share smaller than mandatory.

Make a certificate of inheritance by law.

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