Практическая работа «Инвестиции»


Practical work "Investments" - 19 questions

1. What are the objectives and principles of planning capital investments.

2. Set out the procedure for the formation of the plan of the state centralized and non-centralized capital investments in Russia

3. What is the content and significance of the investment process are itemized lists?

4. As set out the concept of fixed assets and what is their economic role?

5. How is characterized by cost-effectiveness of investment?

6. Describe the ways to improve the economic efficiency of capital investments at the planning stage investments.

7. How to calculate the payback period of capital investment project of the enterprise?

8. What is the loan, what are the conditions of its origin and what functions it performs?

9. What principles of bank lending?

10. What methods are used by banks lending?

11. What forms are used to secure the loan?

12. What is the order of the loan agreement?

13. What is the content of the credit agreement?

14. What is credit monitoring?

15. What is a mortgage?

16. How to explain the need to attract foreign investment?

17. Types of foreign investments in the Russian economy, their characteristics.

18. What is there is a procedure of state registration of foreign investors in Russia?

19. How has the main feature of offshore zone?

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