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Description QUANTUM REPLICA (steam cd-key RU)

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Dear customers, we kindly ask you, before making a purchase, carefully read the following information:

* availability of goods in the store;
* compliance with the characteristics of your PC with the minimum system requirements of the game;
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Publisher: 1C Entertainment
Developer: ON3D Studios
Release date: May 31, 2018
Genre: Action, Indie
Activation: Steam (Russia)
Platform: Windows
Russian language
Age: 16+

The gloomy nooks of the metropolis are waiting for their hero, eager to learn all the secrets of greedy corporations in the world of cyberpunk and ubiquitous technologies. Get on the streets of 2084 with the developers of ON3D Studios and manage time to escape from the pursuit of big-eyed surveillance cameras.

Quantum Replica is an isometric action in which the protagonist needs to survive in the urban jungle and uncover another conspiracy of bloodthirsty corporations. The faster and smarter you are, the more likely your success. Jump into temporary holes, bring enemies to a frenzied frenzy and appear from nowhere to bring retribution.

Your name is Alpha. This is all that you manage to remember thanks to a message from the leader of the resistance of Altrus. He tells you that you are one of the fighters who have volunteered to oppose the Corporate Syndicate, which sets its own rules in one of the largest agglomerates. To collect pieces of your memory, you just have to accept the challenge and fight with global artificial intelligence.

As an unregistered resident, you must be destroyed immediately. Therefore, in order to find answers to your questions, you will have to go through all the circles of hell and gain great power. A quantum accelerator implanted in your implants will help you manage time, which means that you have the limitless tactical possibilities of Quantum Replica.

Minimum system requirements:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.2 GHz
Video card: GeForce GTX 550, Radeon HD 5400 / HD4000
DirectX: Versions 9.0c
Hard Drive: 7 GB

Additional information

Cyberpunk is not just a genre. Become a full member of lovingly sreseshennogo action, where each event gives the charm and cold neon coolness of one of the most popular settings in fiction. Uncover all the secrets, learn interesting stories of local residents and break terminals - who knows what they are hiding there.

Tactics for the hacker. Invisible shadows slip past the cameras and guards, visiting five different zones of the gigantic city, where everyone is being watched. A dynamic combat system will provide an opportunity to experience the full power of the quantum leap and tactical diversity.

Style and neon. Metroid is a genre in which an important secret or Easter egg can hide behind every corner. Carefully study all caches, collect information and make interesting acquaintances ..

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