Security businessmen and Practical Guide

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Description Security businessmen and Practical Guide

1. The main thing - to be alive and healthy

2. miser pays twice or thrice ...

3. Arms and security: a conscious choice

4. Protection of businessman people

5. Something about dogs-bodyguards

6. Protection from attacks and racketeering

7. Open the door if police?

8. The abduction and the kidnappers

9. Protection of personal property

10. Protection of premises Office

* Part 2 *

1. Secrets of the company and methods of abduction

2. Secrets guarded by men

3. How to adjust the protection of secrets

4. Technology does not solve everything, but a lot

* Part 3 *

1. Protection of stationary objects

2. Securing events

3. Protection of commercial goods

4. Ensuring the safety of the bank's clients

5. The foreign partner should know ..

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