Solution C5 Var. 12, reshebnik termehu Targ SM 1982


Solution of the C5 version of 12 Reshebnik on theoretical mechanics to Taskbook Targ SM 1982.
Subject objectives C5 - balance of the body by the action of an arbitrary spatial system of forces.
Check the condition of the task C5 (Pages 28-31, Manuals Targ SM 1982):
Two homogeneous thin rectangular plate fixedly connected (welded) at right angles to each other and fixed spherical joint (or glide) at point A, a cylindrical hinge (bearing) at point B and weightless rod 1 (Fig S5.0 -. S5.7 ) or two bearings at points a and B and two weightless rods 1 and 2 (Fig S5.8, S5.9).; All rods are attached to the plates and to the fixed support hinges.
Dimensions of plates shown in the figures; more weight plates P1 = 5 kN, the weight at the plate P2 = 3 kN. Each of the plates is parallel to one of the coordinate planes (xy plane - horizontal).
On the plate a force couple acting moment M = 4 kN · m, which lies in the plane of one of the plates, and the two forces. The values ​​of these forces and their direction and point of application are listed in Table. C5; wherein forces F1 and F4 are in planes parallel to the xy plane, the force F2 - in a plane parallel to the xz, and force F3 - in a plane parallel to the yz. force application points (D, E, H, K) are in the corners or in the middle of the sides plates.
Determine the constraint reactions at points A and B and the reaction rod (rods). When calculating take a = 0.6 m.

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