Splitgate Alienware Weapon (STEAM KEY IN-GAME DLC)

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Description Splitgate Alienware Weapon (STEAM KEY IN-GAME DLC)

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Immediately after payment you will receive a license key from the in-game content in the Splitgate game for the Steam platform.

The key has no territorial restrictions and is suitable for activation in any region.

After activating this key, you will receive a unique weapon skin from Alienware!

Please note that the key is activated inside the game, not in the Steam client!

Only one code associated with this promotion can be activated per account. You cannot reactivate the code.

Additional information

Instructions for activating the key in the Splitgate game:
1. Launch Splitgate on Steam
2. Hit escape in the main menu
3. Redeem DLC Code
4. Enter your key, and the skins will now be available in the "Locker" tab.

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