Stickers May 9 layout ready to print

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Description Stickers May 9 layout ready to print

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Many are engaged in a seasonal business for the sale of stickers on cars to 9 May, exhaust 2-3 weeks can be quite significant from 50-100 TR or more, depending on the volume, since not all are capable to create a layout or spend a fair amount of time many have to go to the office where designers make layouts for quite an impressive pay anything at all to buy ready-made stickers in bulk for resale in another region (the capital) and significantly lowering their income on each sticker. I suggest you print-ready vector layouts to outline the contours of curly vinyl cutting (that label has been shaped rather than square) Goods: Buy print and sell, any printing can print on a selfglue + plotter cutting you will produce finished labels for your business a few days for only 500-1000 p / sq m (depending on the region) that is 3-4 times cheaper than ordering in bulk for resale, for the layout chosen the most frequent and convenient format meter width at half a meter (print twice obtain the meter on meter so convenient printers), all three of these included the layout of the original ~ 30 (range in these layouts) labels, more than 70% -color!

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