Tasks on economic theory

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Description Tasks on economic theory

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Task 1
Based on the data below:
1. Draw a production capacity curve;
2.Explain what each point on the curve shows;
3. Determine the alternative cost of the oil in the alternative 3.
Product Type Alternative Features
Oil 03000400057006000

Task 2
After graduating from college, you work as an accountant in a solid company and receive 600 rubles per hour of work. You need to repair your car. You have a question: repair yourself, having spent 40 hours at the same time, or hire a master, with a fee of 350 rubles per hour of work. However, the master asks to include in the payment the time actually spent on car repairs, and the time he spends on the journey from his house to the garage, a total of 50 hours. Confirm your answer with calculations.

Task 3
Based on the data in the table, construct the curves S and D. Determine the market price.
Price per unit Value of demand for the weekValichina supply for the week

Task 4
The income elasticity of demand for food products is equal to 0.4, with a given elasticity coefficient, the population spent 25% of its income on food. Calculate the share of food expenses with an increase in income of 5%.

Task 5
The price elasticity of demand for radios is equal to 6. The price of demand for them has increased by 20%. Calculate the change in demand.

Task 6
In the Russian market, the demand for computers is absolutely elastic. Suppose that their supply has increased. What will happen on the market:
A) P and Q remain unchanged;
B) P increases, but Q remains unchanged;
C) Q increases, but P remains unchanged;
D) The demand for computers will increase, which will affect the growth of R.

Task 7
According to the above data, build an indifference curve.
OptionsProducts, pcs. Clothes, pcs.

Task 8
A student in his free time working in an advertising agency and earns 800 rubles. in Week. He spends the money he earns on going to the cinema and the paid library. Build a schedule and determine which of the listed combinations of services is on a budget line if a cinema ticket costs 100 rubles, and a library costs 50 rubles.
Number of visits to the cinemaThe number of visits to the library

Task 9
The employee earns 4500 rubles. per month. If he spends all the money on food in the dining room, he will visit it 75 times. If he has a desire to buy CDs, he will be able to buy 9 pieces. Determine how many disks he can buy if he visits the dining room 25 times.

Task 10
Calculate the sum of fixed and variable costs based on the following data:
Auxiliary materials - 5 thousand rubles.
Depreciation (depreciation):
- machine tools - 4 thousand rubles;
- buildings - 8 thousand rubles.
Salary of employees - 3 thousand rubles.
Administrative costs - 4 thousand rubles.
Additional Information

Task 11
In the workshop for individual knitting of T-shirts, the number of released products directly depends on the number of masters. Calculate the required number of employees at which you can get the maximum profit. The average salary per employee is 16,000 rubles. per month. The price of one T-shirt is 100 rubles.
Number of employees123456
Production, pieces per month18046078098011301290

Task 12
In the cafe “Hot dog” with an increase in the number of sellers there is a decrease in labor productivity. Calculate the hourly wage and the number of employees that will bring the maximum profit.
Number of employees123456
Productivity, rubles / h.300320310290270260

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