The concept and the role of the central bank in the economy

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Description The concept and the role of the central bank in the economy

Discipline: Money, credit, banks

R & D: The concept and the central bank's role in the economy


Chapter 1: The Central Bank: goals, objectives and mechanism of action on the economy

Chapter 2. The role of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in the implementation of monetary policy

2.1. Monetary policy as an important direction of economic policy

2.2 The main instruments of the monetary policy of the Central Bank

Chapter 3. Monetary policy of the Bank of Russia in 1 half of 2009




The evolution of the goals and objectives of central banks as controls monetary circulation was largely due to the development of financial sector of the economy, increasing globalization and the integration of financial markets and, as a consequence, the increased mobility of capital. Increased availability of financial resources, liberalization of capital flows and the emergence of previously nonexistent instrument greatly expanded zone regulation of central banks moving border control from the national to the global level.

The evolution of priorities and the main activities of the Bank of Russia took place throughout the period of market reforms and approaching the Russian economy the most successful developed countries. During this period, monetary policy is the Bank of Russia was aimed at ensuring the necessary conditions for the establishment of the basic institutions of a market economy and create a favorable monetary environment consistent with achieving high rates of economic and social development.

The purpose of work is to study the role of the Central Bank of Russia and its impact on the economy and implementation of monetary policy.

Year: 2010

Volume: 37 p.

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