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🕹️ By purchasing this product, you will instantly receive an ORIGIN license account with the game THE SIMS 4 with the addition AT THE UNIVERSITY After payment you receive:
✅ Licensed game account ORIGIN.
✅ Instant delivery of goods immediately after payment.
✅ Login data to ORIGIN client in the form - Login: Password.
✅ The Sims 4 game.
✅ Lifetime Warranty. In case of problems with the account, you will receive a new product in return.
✅ Language in the game - Russian, English, etc.
🎁 In addition, other add-ons and games may be present on the account.
😊 Quick support. If you have any questions, you can ask them to us in the "Correspondence with the seller" section or in the chat.

* There is no possibility to change mail, password, etc.
📌 Description:
Learn all the delights of learning. Attend classes to build a successful career as an engineer, teacher or lawyer. Discover robotics and ping-pong with juice or prank students at a rival institute. Studying hard, getting enough sleep, or fooling around with the mascot of your institute - most importantly, get good grades!

📌School time. Start a new chapter in life and enroll at the historic University of Britchester or the modern Foxbury Institute. Live in a dormitory or outside the campus, cycle around Britchester, spend time at the student center and study in the library. Show your student spirit and cheer for classmates, or wear your institute’s flower clothes.

📌 Studying hard. Learn what you like: biology, computer science, art history, or even vigilance. Attend lectures, write term papers or make presentations - the more your character knows, the more successful his career will be. Attendance will affect the performance of the character, so it is important to properly organize your time.

📌 Acquaintance, communication and study. It is up to your character to decide how to spend time while he is at university. He can study around the clock - or relax and sleep. Play ping pong with juice or football and chat with other students. Characters can join clubs in robotics, debate and art, or even become members of a secret community. Over time, the characters will learn a lot and find their calling.

📌Student style. Furnish your character´s dormitory room according to his preferences. Choose a style for your character: he can pull on sweatpants late for the lesson, or put on the best trousers to impress other students or show a school spirit.

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