Three vain years

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Description Three vain years

He stood in an unbuttoned jacket, in a snow-white muffler through the neck on his chest. I was proud - I served three long years at the border. Do my fingers, shaking with excitement, fasten the buttons in front of the patrolmen?

But the colonel was wise. He returned the ticket to me military, took the visor.

You can despise anyone - marshal or private - this is subjective. But objectively - I am obliged to give the honor to military uniform all over the form. He put a dembel briefcase at his feet, fastened his jacket, even a hook at his throat, pushed the muffled out of his sight out of sight and, standing on the counter "quietly," raised his palm to his cap.

“At ease,” said the colonel, and extended his wide palm. - Congratulations on your return home.

Tears ran down my cheeks.

- I serve the Soviet Union!

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