Tovarovednyh characteristics and quality assessment

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Description Tovarovednyh characteristics and quality assessment

Tovarovednyh characteristics and examination of the quality of small-piece of bakery products sold in retail outlets, the ***.

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1.1 Nutritional value of bakery products

1.2 Classification and small-piece assortment of bakery products

1.3 Technology of production of bakery products

CHAPTER 2. QUALITY PRODUCTS AND tovarovednyh small sized baked goods sold in retail trade network G. ***

2.1 Methods of examination and requirements for quality bakery products

2.2 The range of small sized bakery products sold in retail outlets, the ***

2.3 tovarovednyh examination of the quality of small-piece of bakery products sold in retail outlets, the ***

Chapter 3. Improving the management of assortment policy of trade enterprises (THE CASE OF SALES small sized bakery products LLC "***")

3.1 The range and its determining factors

3.2 Features trade, small-pieces Bakery

3.3 Directions to increase the effectiveness of the management of small-piece assortment of bakery products





Bakery products are a strategic commodity, as playing a vital role in ensuring food independence and security of the country. Bread and bakery, including small-pieces products, are products of daily demand.

Currently, baking business has great potential to increase the number of enterprises, expanding the range of products, creation of new jobs.

Baking is a socially important sector of the economy. Most bakeries producing basic breads, solve an important strategic task - to provide cheap bread population of Russia.

Additional information

Consumption of bread and bakery products is due, primarily, to the welfare of the population, with an increase in Russian consumer who goes from cheap and high-calorie food to more expensive and useful products.

A significant share in the range of bakery products, small-pieces occupy the bakery. Now on the market small sized bakery products present both traditional types of the product - bun with poppy seeds, horn rich, Arctic cod, bun city and new, have appeared in recent years and are increasingly in demand, small-pieces Bakery products with different additives of mineral and organic elements, low-calorie varieties, etc.

Currently, the demand for these products in the whole country is not reduced, which determines sufficient capacity to increase the number of companies specializing in the manufacture of similar products, the creation of a developed competitive environment, the formation of new jobs.

In recent years, as the tendency to expand the assortment of small sized baked goods, and a growing number of manufacturers. With the reduction of consumption of bread in general, in recent years, manufacturers have noted the growing influence of retail chains, pursuing a policy of low prices and actively develop its own production of bakery products in the mini-bakeries. These businesses create serious competition bakery, offering a wide range of freshly baked products, but full replacement products mini-bakeries at retail networks of traditional bakery products according to experts, will not happen.

Year: 2011

Volume: 110 p.

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