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Dear customers, we kindly ask you, before making a purchase, carefully read the following information:

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3. Other information confirming the impossibility of product activation

Publisher: Bacus Studios
Developer: ArtPlay
Release date: June 4, 2019
Genre: Action, Indie
Activation: Steam (Russia)
Platform: Windows
Russian language
Age: 16+

You ECHO is a digital entity simulator of human consciousness. You can move into special cars — mechanized chassis called Guardians. The guards produce different companies, and each of them has its own role on the battlefield.

Now that the Trident is the last colonization ship and a stronghold of humanity’s hopes, is captured by an unknown alien race, only you can reclaim it and ensure the survival of human embryos.

You have several Sentinels, each with unique abilities.

Do you rush into a frontal attack on Moscow, covering your allies with a barrier? Or would you prefer an agile Mogami, who can jerk behind the backs of enemies, shower them with hot shells and return to cover with lightning speed? Choose wisely and act together to give humanity a chance to start everything from scratch.

Also at your disposal an arsenal of weapons and skills. Bring along the Flamethrower "Prozhora" and the railgun "Dart" or the "Viper" cannon and the "Ripper" plasma rifle. Equip your associates with supplies and receive in return the opportunity to use the repair station. Use mission modifiers to increase difficulty for better rewards. Fight through all the compartments of the ship and free them to unlock new skills and weapons.

Customize the weapon to your liking, re-generating its characteristics, and improve with the help of the technologies found. Unlock passive bonuses, increasing your rank, and become a legend, terrifying strangers.

Remember all that you have been taught, and do not forget what is at stake. Humanity is counting on you, ECHO!

Minimum system requirements:

OS: Windows Vista / 7
Processor: 2GHz Dual Core CPU
Video card: GeForce 8800, AMD Radeon 4000
DirectX: Versions 9.0c
Hard Drive: 4 GB

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