World of Tanks account from 45000 + fights 24 Prem.tank

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Description World of Tanks account from 45000 + fights 24 Prem.tank

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A personal account without a link to the phone, sold with mail, when you purchase, you will receive a username and password to your mailbox and World of Tanks account.
There are 24 Prem tanks in the hangar(you can see them in the screenshots).The account has 7000 boons,a huge number of ready-made styles, logos, etc., 59 free slots for equipment, 37000 free experience,a huge number of branches opened and explored, 106 reserves for loans, crew and equipment

Medium tank Bat. - Châtillon Bourrasque 8 ur.
Medium tank Chimera 8 ur.
Medium tank T-55A 9 ur.

TANK destroyer TS-5 8 ur.
TANK destroyer Dicker Max 6 ur.
PT-ACS StuG IV 5 ur.
TANK destroyer Super Hellcat 7 ur.
TANK destroyer T28 Concept 7 ur.
TANK destroyer M10 RBFM 5 ur.
Excalibur tank destroyer 6 ur.

Light tank Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10) 8 ur.
Light tank T-50-2 6 ur.

Heavy tank VK 168.01 P 8 of ur.
Heavy tank Object 260 10 ur.
Heavy tank, Centurion Action X 8 SD.
Heavy tank is-2 Shielded 7 ur.
Heavy tank Tiger 131 6 ur.

And small change 2-3 ur.

Additional information

Important information:
1. the Store provides access to the purchase immediately after payment, you do not have to wait a minute.
2. the purchase Data is displayed in the browser window and sent to your E-mail automatically after payment.
3. E-mail address - access to the mail is provided.
4. 100% Accounts without a phone installed. Linking on mail is not checked and is not a reason to replace it.
5. the Account is located in the RU zone:
6. We are not responsible for your actions. Maybe you changed your password, resold it, gave it to a friend, got viruses on your computer, etc..
7. refund only If the seller is unable to make a replacement within 72 hours of purchase, otherwise there is no refund.
8. Be sure to record a video during the purchase. The video recording must start before the payment is made and include a FULL check of the received product. The video should show your computer's system time. Recommended recording software - and for uploading -
9. the customer's Complaint about non-working data will be considered only if there is a video recording, otherwise the store reserves the right to refuse support to the customer.
10. the Seller has the right to respond to the buyer's message within 72 hours, usually within 12 hours, depending on the load. Please do not leave a bad review until the problem is resolved.

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